Thinking of Moving to New York City?

Pros And Cons Of Moving To New York City

Should you stay or should you go? First, weigh the pros and cons of living in New York City and then ask yourself how you want to live–an upscale or subdued life. How do you plan on supporting yourself? The answers to these questions will open and shut doors, leaving you with clear insight on the lifestyle you will most likely have in New York City.

The Pros

Public Transit: The transit system in NYC is America’s finest; the subway and most bus routes run nonstop. Activity-wise, you can do more without having to travel far out. Everything–including the laundromat, grocery stores and so forth–is essentially within a 4-block radius, depending on where you are.

Things To Do: NYC teems with many museums, sports bars, restaurants, events, theaters, parks, concerts and shopping centers. You can support and witness the city’s sports teams, namely the New York Knicks and the New York Jets.

Diversity Of People: NYC overflows with different cultures, religions and shades of people.

Professional Career: NYC is jam packed with both multi-national and fortune 500 companies. Thus, in regard to business, a lot of opportunities will present themselves. You can establish a large network that consists of professionals in your field.

Single City: The city should be called the single-persons capital, seeing that there is an abundance of single women and single guys.

The Cons

Small And Expensive: Everything–including the living quarters, bars, restaurants and roads–is somewhat small. On average, apartment rentals and other accommodations cost 1,000 dollars. Likewise, a case of beer costs six dollars, groceries cost at least 60 percent more than usual and movie tickets are around 16 dollars.

Public Transit: It Is a bit too unreliable and can be pretty annoying. People can be inconsiderate, getting pushy, loud and mad.

Noisy: The noises from the subways are deafening, depending on where you are. Sirens ring constantly as emergency personnel are always doing some job; the same applies to construction workers.

Overwhelming: There is not enough time in a day to do, see and experience everything that NYC is offering. Aside from being emotionally and physically draining, NYC is a busy place that is bound to take a toll on your body. You meet people and lose friends–a never-ending cycle.

Relationships: With their being so many people, it may seem that it is easy to find someone special, but that is not the case. People can be vexatious, small-minded and insensitive. Although you are likely going to have a blast in the city, you should expect your personal and professional schedule to be a hectic one.

Verdict: You should do some extensive research and get your financial book in order. If you are in debt, coming to NYC will possibly make things worse. Ultimately, your decision to move here should be influenced by your current circumstances and proclivities. NYC is a beautiful place, but it is not for everybody. Some people consider their move to NYC to be a bad decision; the move may be the best thing you can do.

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